We have been continuing our activities in the wooden and metal clothes hangers sector, which started in 1987, with the vision of creating better quality, qualified and affordable products, since 2003, in the address of Istanbul mahmutbey, with the design and production of wooden and metal clothes hangers. We have never given up on our efforts to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, by keeping the principles of reliable business understanding and timely delivery at the forefront, without compromising our product and service quality.

The production of wooden hangers is a long and arduous process that starts with timber raw material and requires careful and detailed work. After the first main production, various accessories and applications are carefully blended in line with the demands and requests, and personalized special products are obtained and offered to the users.

We are working hard to provide good products and services for the wooden and metal clothes hanger needs of all valuable companies, and to meet the demands of different products, accessories and applications. You can easily find the ones you want or we can realize your different designs, requests and demands together.